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IOHK/iPass International Roaming Service
Roaming Fees
Signing Up the Service
Worldwide Access Points
User Guide
Frequently Asked Questions

IOHK/iPass International Roaming Service

IOHK has joined the iPass Alliance to provide Internet roaming service for our users. You can now access your e-mail account on IOHK server when you are overseas at a low cost without paying for the long-distance calls. This global Internet service is now operating with more than 1000 access points and providing services for over 150 countries.

For more information about iPass Alliance, please visit iPass web site.

Roaming Fees

There is no sign up fee and monthly fee for roaming service for IOHK users. You just need to pay a deposit of HK$200 when you register. This deposit is refundable upon termination of service.

The charges will be based on your monthly roaming usage. Different access points will have different rates, range from HK$0.96/min to HK$2.40/min. Please check the Worldwide Access Points Table for detailed pricing. Some countries/cites may have more than one access point with different rates.

Signing Up the Service

Roaming service is only available for IOHK dial-up members. To sign up the service now, download the registration form below or call IOHK office at 2376 2371 for a fax copy of the form.

Completed registration form should be returned to IOHK office by post or by fax. Normal registration will be activated within 2 working days. Notification will be sent to user via e-mail.

Worldwide Access Points

The Worldwide Access Points Table gives details of all the existing access points and will be updated on a regular basis. So please check it before you go on board to ensure you have the lastest update. Please note that some countries/cities may have more than one access point with different rates.

User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is the iPass global Internet roaming service?
A The iPass global Internet roaming service is a service that gives IOHK subscribers a local dial-in number to access the Internet when traveling to an area where IOHK does not have a local access number. This is an ideal solution for traveling Internet users.

When you subscribe to this service, you are able to connect to the Internet through other iPass ISP partners. It is no longer necessary to have multiple ISP accounts just for the sake of being able to surf the Internet and you can also save on long-distance phone bills.

Q How does it work?
A The use of intelligent routing and software that resides on the participating Internet service providersí computer system make this roaming service possible. iPass provides a service between ISPs to enable their users to be authenticated when dialing into each othersí services.

All you must do is have an account with IOHK. When you travel, you dial into local number and you log in with the same login ID and password, but include your domain name after your login ID, (e.g.

In effect, you are still logging into the Internet via IOHK, even though you are dialing in through a different provider. You can continue to use your regular web browser, e-mail program or newsgroup software.

Q What are the benefits?
A The following are the primary benefits of using the iPass global roaming service:
  • Roaming charges are significantly less than long distance charges.
  • Log into a local number all over the world while maintaining one account with IOHK.
  • Access all Internet services such as e-mail, WWW, etc.
  • Use existing (and familiar) web browser/e-mail.

Q What are the available roaming numbers?
A The roaming coverage extends to more than 150 countries and more than 1000 locations. You can now enjoy local call access to the Internet in virtually every major city throughout the world.

The complete list is available from Worldwide Access Points Table. If you use Windows 95, you can also download the IOHK/iPass Dial Wizard to make roaming easy, which includes a complete phone book of the worldwide access numbers.

Q What are the charges for the use of the service?
A Please refer to Roaming Fees.

Q How will I be billed when I use the service?
A The charges for Internet roaming service will be billed on a monthly basis through your Monthly Invoice and your usage details will be sent to you through e-mail.

Q Is there any special software or configuration I need to have if I want to use the roaming service?
A If you are using Windows 95, you should have the IOHK/iPass Dial Wizard. You can download it here along with the simple instructions for using the Dial Wizard. In order to use the Dial Wizard, you must have Dial-Up Networking installed in your 'My Computer' folder.

Q Who do I call for assistance when I encounter a problem on roaming service?
A For enquiry and support on roaming service, please send your e-mail to or call IOHK office at 2376 2371.