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Company Background

IOHK was established in January 1994 and is one of the original Internet Service Providers in Hong Kong. The company aims to keep fees low and to provide full, unrestricted and uncensored Internet access to its users.

For individual and group, IOHK provides users with dial-up service supporting PPP/SLIP/Unix connections. By joining IOHK, users can send and receive e-mail all over the world through Internet, participate in newsgroups discussion on USENET, transfer files using ftp, perform remote login using telnet, have real-time chat with friends and browse the World Wide Web.

In addition, each user is entitled to 5 MB disk storage, 8 MB e-mail storage and another 1 MB web storage for hosting the personal home page. This personal home page can be upgraded, with small additional charges, to business home page for hosting advertising or business materials.

For business, IOHK provides e-mail service for users to connect their internal mail server to the Internet via dial-up SMTP or dial-up UUCP. Company can have its own domain name and web site. IOHK provides domain name registration service for both International and local domain name and web hosting service for advertising your company on the Internet. On the other hand, leased line service is also available which gives users full access to the Internet with a dedicated direct connection.

IOHK has also joined iPass for providing users with International roaming service. You can now use a single account to connect to the Internet for over 150 countries all over the world.

System Information

Modem Support : 28.8 Kbps / 56 Kbps (v.90 & K56flex) / ISDN (64 Kbps & 128 Kbps)
Data Link to Internet Backbone : 512 Kbps
Data Link to HKIX : T1

IOHK System Diagram